Real time temperature monitoring scheme for epidemic prevention in Shuntian


Scenario background

As of 24:00 on March 30, 2020, the total number of confirmed cases in China was 81334, and the total number of confirmed cases in foreign countries was 163636. The above data are confirmed, especially for the number of virus carriers that have not yet been found. China's novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control is in the right position. Under the severe epidemic situation, there are still many challenges and problems to be faced.

At present, Wuhan and Hubei are still the eyes to solve the problem of national prevention and control. In addition to Hubei, the tide of resumption of work has increased the pressure of prevention and control in major cities, and the increase of urban cases has worried about the risk of the epidemic spreading to more communities and villages. Novel coronavirus infection prevention and control headquarters in Dongguan in February 9, 2020 issued a circular on strengthening epidemic prevention and control in the property area (No. fifth), requiring all villages, communities and property areas to implement closed management in an all-round way, increasing epidemic investigation and strictly preventing the spread of the epidemic, and centrally segregated management of the fever crowd, and the right to prevent the spread of the disease in Dongguan. The temperature of the crowd should be measured by the staff regularly every day. For such a rigorous investigation, the epidemic situation is indeed under control, but for the workload of grass-roots workers, it is huge and can not be ignored. How to effectively manage the isolation personnel on the basis of reducing the workload of grass-roots personnel? Shuntian intelligent medical care service platform provides solutions.

Real time temperature monitoring scheme for epidemic prevention in Shuntian

The real-time temperature monitoring scheme for epidemic prevention of Shun Tian is based on the intelligent medical care service platform of Shun Tian, combined with the intelligent body temperature wearing, to monitor the user's body temperature in real time, and transmit data to the platform through wireless communication. When the user's body temperature reaches or exceeds 37.3 ℃, it will automatically send a reminder to the user and the background manager, so as to achieve the goal of body temperature monitoring, body temperature warning and epidemic prevention and control 。

1、 Advantages of the program

1. Real time monitoring and effective prevention

For the person who has been wearing the intelligent temperature monitor, the background automatically collects the temperature data of the wearer through the monitor at the frequency of once per minute, and generates the dynamic change chart of the temperature data in the background. When the body temperature data reaches 37.3 ℃, the background automatically sends out the information of exceeding the standard, which can effectively intervene the fever population.

2. Synchronous monitoring to improve work efficiency

The background can automatically and regularly collect temperature data from the body temperature monitor at high frequency, and the number of people monitoring at the same time is unlimited, which greatly reduces the temperature measurement work and data registration work of grass-roots staff. At the same time, the background can automatically push the data of the fever isolated from the crowd to the administrator and the grass-roots staff, so that the staff can deploy the work in a targeted way and improve the effectiveness of the work.

3. Remote management to avoid secondary infection

The temperature data of isolated population collected by intelligent temperature monitor is transmitted back to the service background through wireless network. Administrators and grass-roots workers only need to know the temperature change of isolated population through platform background or wechat, reduce the contact frequency and frequency with isolated population, and effectively avoid the secondary infection of new coronavirus.

2、 Implementation of intelligent temperature monitoring scheme

1. The model of intelligent temperature monitor is shown in the figure below. The round hole on the surface of the device is equipped with a temperature detection probe, which can accurately detect the temperature data of the wearer and update it in real time.

2. The temperature data collected by the monitor is analyzed through wireless network and returned to the platform via WiFi gateway.

3. The background will carry out statistical analysis on the returned body temperature data, form a dynamic temperature change chart, and update it in wechat synchronously. Managers and grassroots workers can master the data of isolated people in wechat in real time.


4. When the intelligent temperature monitor detects that the temperature of the wearer exceeds the fever standard, it will automatically send an alarm message to the manager or grass-roots workers via wechat to remind them to intervene in time.